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Wings of our Heritage (Part – V)


  • Author: Dr. Yogendra Pal Kohli
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Edition: 2022
  • ISBN: 978-93-91193-13-3
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Manglam Publications

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Through this book, compilation of the most of the articles published by the author in ARUNACHAL NEWS/REVIEW, a quarterly journal of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and his research papers on the cultural/scientific heritage of the tribes, eco-friendly sustainable traditions of the past have been presented with the hope that the tiny tots, the youths will realize the struggle stories of their ancestors in developing a mechanism not only for their survival but devising the new ways to march ahead and grow up. The author is of the humble but firm opinion that this presentation will awake the divinity in the hearts of our new generations and enhance their capacity building through their wings to fly to the sky, DEVELOPED NATION.

This book is the Fifth Part of my book ‘Wings of our Heritage’ (संस्मरण : विरासत का सेतू). Through these books, the author welcomes 75th year of our Independence (ve`r&egksRlo 2021-22) presenting our struggle-journey towards fodkl as well as stressing the need to meet the challenges of hunger, disease, unemployment and decline in thou&ewY;A Through these lines, the author makes the humble efforts to present a part of the roadmap for fodkl ;k=k emphasizing the need for synthesizing the pearls of wisdom from the past (HERITAGE) with the new fields of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing and as such he addresses the tiny-tots/the youths as the future architects of the roadmap for better tomorrows in Developed Nation.

Every generation makes a road for the next, We have a one. This book tells the next generations that it is incumbent upon them to make the new road with the wings of their vigor and vitality, their hard toils through the reconciliation of the wisdom/heritage of their past with the new advances in science and technology.


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