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Indian Economy in the Era of Economic Reform


  • Author: Dr. D. Amutha
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Edition: 2022
  • ISBN: 978-93-91193-33-1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Manglam Publications

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Indian Economy is an excellent book that explains the fundamentals of the Indian economy in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive manner.This book presents a complete survey of the Indian Economy in terms of determinants of development, Indian economy since independence, features of Indian economy, natural resources such as land, water, forest, mineral and energy resources, natural resources and economic development, basic problems of Indian economy like poverty, unemployment and population growth, balance of payment, agriculture role in the national economy, crop pattern and green revolution.

The book also discusses the role of industries in economic development, cottage, small scale, MSME and large scale industries like cotton, iron & steel and cement, industrial policy 1991, 2001 & 2011, five year plans in India, importance of railway, roadways, shipping and civil aviation, importance of foreign trade in economic development, balance of payments, recent EXIM Policy, WTO and Indian economy, government financial support for foreign trade, role and importance of IT & ITES in India, economic reform since 1991, five year plans before and after liberalisation in India, sector-wise contribution of GDP in India, welfare programmes by the government of India, RBI monetary policy, money supply and inflation, taxation in India, public debt and deficit financing, structure of banking sector in India, microfinance institutions in India, components of financial and money market in India, components of Indian financial system, fiscal policy of India and impacts on the economy, changing scenario of Indian economy: 1947-2020 and structural changes in the Indian economy since independence.It has been organised into 86 chapters.

For students, teachers, academics and scholars working in colleges and universities, the book is very beneficial. It was written in accordance with the syllabi prescribed for postgraduate and undergraduate levels in the fields of arts, business, law and management. There has been a great deal of reference work done to prepare this book, but the language and style are quite clear and lucid. The book aims to serve as an ideal student textbook and a very valuable reference book for students, scholars, economists, leaders, government, private and public sector executives, as well as general readers.In addition, it will also be beneficial to candidates appearing for various competitive examinations such as I.A.S., I.E.S., C.A. and N.E.T. examinations. For the convenience of the learners, necessary question banks are included at the end of this textbook. I hope that every reader will enjoy reading this book. It is most welcome to make some suggestion to further develop its problems.


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